T.A.G mobdulo perfecto
Mobdulo Perfecto

 Mobdulo Perfecto is a portable sound system, bi-amplified, working on battery or/and AC mains. Its new amplifier and broadcast concept allow improving power and efficiency. 2 actives ways: one10” bass loudspeaker, one 6” mid high coaxial loudspeaker and 1” compression driver for high frequency.



Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications where high quality power and efficiency are requested:

- political, sports, charities events…

- professionals events…

- religious and funerals ceremonies…


The basic equipment of the Mobdulo Perfecto allows the simultaneous use of 3 wired and 3 wireless microphones with a bass/medium/treble adjustment on each channel.


It is equipped with:

- Dual power supply, allowing to work on battery and on AC main.

- An automatic charger that allows a quick battery’s recharge even when working.

- A lead battery 8 A/12 V fixed on a drawer for an easy and quick change of the battery, equipped with a safety relay board system against important discharge.

- 3 MIC/LINE inputs with gain control.

- 3 EQ bands bass/medium/treble on each channel.

- 3 EQ bands for master.

- A talk over (voice priority) on channel 1.

- 1 balanced, amplified XLR LINE output, for a link with severals systems.

- 1 RCA LINE output, to record.

- A 12 volts input, to connect it to a car’s battery.



Perfecto is the only one on the market that can be built-in with up to 3 wireless microphones systems.

Each input can be equipped or not with 1 UHF 16 or 100 channels diversity receiver module. The 100 channels system has an AUTO SCAN function, searches for the cleanest frequency and supplies multi-channel setup.

Transmitters: handheld microphone or beltpack with lavalier or headset microphone.

Perfecto can be equipped (in option) with a tape player/recorder auto-reverse and/or 1 anti-choc CD player with a vary speed control, a remote control and possible option CD player MP3 and USB plug.

It can also be equipped with the option PB140 (another battery 9 A/12 volts) on a drawer. In the case the autonomy is double so 18 A/12 volts.

The option PU20 is a 30 watts/8 ohms amplifier working on its own 2,3 A battery. It is equipped with 1 line input, 1 line output, 1 speaker output and 1 speaker volume control. This option can be built-in easily the Perfecto.

For example, to avoid any autonomy decrease of the Perfecto when several amplified sources are required operating on battery, to different volume level, it is recommended to add the option PU20. The PU 20 main’s application is the connection to an underwater loudspeaker for example for aqua-fit, water-polo or synchronised swimming training or competition...


RMS Power 140 Watts / 4 ohms 3 ways
Speaker 1 woofer 10" - 25 cm (ampli 70W)
1 coaxial 6,5" speaker(16cm) / 1 compression driver 1" (ampli 70W)
Power Requirements Operates on AC220V
Frequency Response 60 Hz - 20 KHz
Lead Battery Built-in battery 9 Ah - 12V
Fast automatic battery charger integrated
Working Time 3-6 hours on built-in battery / unlimited on AC main

Mixable inputs:

  •  RCA Line control input
  • 1 balanced MIC control input on Jack 6,35
  • 1 balanced MIC control input + phantom power on XLR

12 volt input

Bands EQ Bass, Mid, Treble

Master volume control allows Mobdulo Perfecto to work like a mixer
RCA Line Output (post fader)
Output Speaker on Jack 6,35

More information

Drop handle
35 mm (1.43") flange for floor stand
Dimensions: 52 x 32,5 x 31,5 cm / 20.5 x 12.8 x 12.4"
Weight: 18 kg / 39.6 lbs
Black plywood cabinet


4 Slots for
Wireless System,
Talk Over or/and Audio


UHF Receiver
UHF Receiver
More details


Talk Over

More details

UHF Transmitter

More details

1 Slot for
Additional Amplifier

Additional Amplifier
(70 W RMS)
More details

-- --

1 Slots for CD or/and
Digital Player/Recorder

CD/USB/SD Player

More details

Digital Record Player
Digital Record Player
More details


and Belt Transmitter

Dynamic voice MIC

Dynamic voice MIC
More details

Dynamic voice MIC

More details

UHF Handheld
Handheld MIC/Transmitter
More details

Lavalier MIC
Lavalier MIC
More details

Lavalier MIC + volume control
Lavalier MIC with volume control
More details

Speech Headset MIC
Speech Headset MIC
More details

Collar MIC
Collar MIC
More details

Earhook Skin Colour MIC
Earhook Skin Colour MIC
More details

UHF Belt Transmitter
UHF Belt Transmitter
More details

Chargers and Battery

UHF Handheld MIC Charger
Handheld MIC Charger
More details

UHF Belt Transmitter Charger
Belt Transmitter Charger
More details

Battery Drawer
Rechargeable Battery Drawer
More details



Protective Bag

More details

Trolley Bag

More details

Tripod Stand and Bag

Tripod Stand

Tripod Stand with bag
More details

Bag for tripod stand

More details


Compatible Products SP-10, Nomade, Premio8", Flash
Comparable Products Contrario Xpresso, Illico

































































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