UHF Receiver: SDR-6216M

The UHF 16 frequency receiver can be integated into Premio12", Premio15"Illico, Xpresso, Contrario Xpresso, SMS-450, Bomber, Contrario Bomber, PA-223, Nomade, Cameleon and Flash.


  • UHF synthesized true diversity for highest quality and dropout-free reception.
  • Helical Filter RF front end ensures high selectivity.
  • Excellent IF design delivers high image and spurious rejection.
  • Anti-interference Pilotone circuit.
  • RF noise squelch circuit.
  • Auto-scan function searches for the cleanest frequency and simplies multi-channel setup.
  • Squelch control accessible via front panel.
  • Power and volume control switch.
  • UP / DOWN channel selection key.
  • 7-segment LED display channel indicator.
  • Battery low indicator LED
  • Balanced and unbalanced audio output.
  • 20-pin connection for easy installation.


Download PDF File: SDR-6216M 

 Frequency Range  UHF High Band 600 - 900 MHz
 Switching Bandwidth  20 MHz
 Switchable Frequencies  16
 Display Screen  7-segment LED
 Oscillation Type  PLL Synthesized
 Frequency Stability  ±0.005%
 Frequency Scan  YES
 Receiving Method  True Diversity
 Sensitivity  -100 dBm at S/N ratio > 80 dB
 Image Rejection  > 85 dB
 Spurious Rejection  > 85 dB
 S/N Ratio  > 110 dB
 Peak Deviation  ±40 KHz
 T.H.D.  < 0.5%
 Audio Outputs

 Unbalanced: +4 dBm (1.25 V) / 5 KΩ
 Balanced:+10 dBm (2.5 V) / 600Ω

 Squelch  RF noise squelch & Pilotone squelch
 Power Supply  DC 12V 500mA
 Matched Transmitter  SQ-5016, SM-5016