VHF Receiver : R-300M

This VHF single frequency receiver can be integrated into Bohemia7B, Premio8", Premio12", Premio15"Illico and Bohemia8.


  • Excellent IF design delivers high image and spurious rejection.
  • Unbalanced audio output.



Download PDF File: R-300M 

 Frequency Range  VHF High Band 160 - 260 MHz
 Switching Bandwidth   -
 Switchable Frequencies   1
 Display Screen  LED
 Oscillation Type  Crystal locked fixed frequency
 Frequency Stability  ±0.005%
 Frequency Scan  NON
 Receiving Method  Non Diversity
 Sensitivity  -95 dBm at S/N ratio > 60 dB
 Image Rejection  > 60 dB
 Spurious Rejection  > 80 dB
 S/N Ratio  > 100 dB
 Peak Deviation  ±15 KHz
 T.H.D.  < 0.5%
 Audio Outputs  Unbalanced: +4 dBm (1.25 V) / 5 KΩ
 Squelch  RF noise squelch
 Power Supply  DC 12V 500mA
 Matched Transmitter  Q-1002,SM-1002