Belt Transmitter: M-1002

The VHF belt transmitter can be used for Bohemia7B, Premio8", Premio12", Premio15" Illico and TAG770. This requires an integrated VHF wireless receiver (R-300m).






Download PDF File: M-1002

 Frequency Range  VHF High Band 160 - 260 MHz
 Switchable Frequencies  1
 RF Power Output  < 30mW
 Spurious Emission  > 40 dB below carrier
 Dynamic Range  > 110 dB
 Display Screen  LED
 T.H.D.  < 0.5%
 Battery Type  9V x 1
 Operating Life  about 16 hours (Alkaline)
 Charging Function  -
 Peak Deviation  ± 15KHz
 Antenna  Built in
 Microphone Capsule  Dynamic/Condenser type

 100(L) x 66(W) x 24(H) mm
 3.94 (L) x 2.60 (W) x 0.95 (H) in

 Weight  90 g / 3.17 oz