Scenario is a speaker’s lectern with built-in text display system and optional audio facilities.

Scenario can be equipped with a prompter and onboard software that allow the speaker to read a speech

without losing contact with the audience.




User can save up to different presentations, accelerate and decelerate the speed of the text, fast-forward and

go back to a certain point in the presentation.

The built-in audio facilities include two mics plus connections allowing it to be connected to a full TAG audio system.

Furthermore, Scenario can be equipped with different shelves and racks to storage equipment.




  Option :


T.A.G Vigi-Rack 19"


Vigi Rack 19" : 

  • 1 CD / USB / SD Player
  • UHF 16 Frequencies transmitter module
  • 2 Mic balanced inputs with phantom 
    power (XLR) / 1 line input (RCA)
  • Built in battery with charger


 Download PDF File : Doc TAG Scenario



 RMS Power  Not amplified
 Speaker  Without loudspeaker
 Microphones  2 Gooseneck MIC : GM-302 (500mm/19.7")
 Outputs  2 connectors XLR
 Screen  1 screen 17" or 19"
 Lamp and Shelf

 Lamp with LED

More details

 Telescopic Shelve 1U

More details

 More information

 Pull-out shelf for video projector
 Technical Space: 19" x 18 U (computer, audio equipment)
 Dimensions: H 125 x W 82 x D 26 cm / H 49.2 x W 32.2 x D 10.2"
 Weight: 50 kg / 110 lbs (depending on the equipment)
 Frontside : Metal construction
 Backside : Pressed wood

 Without screen version  
 Software  Special software for prompter
 Remote Control  External hand or foot remote control (USB)

Telescopic Shelve 1U

More details

Steel Rack Shelve 2U

More details

Steel Rack Drawer 2U

More details

 Comparable Products  Cameleon, Flash, Confer-Prompt


























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